Casualty Investigation Code

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted a Code of International Standards and Recommended Practices for a Safety Investigation into a Marine Casualty or Marine Incident (Casualty Investigation Code (Resolution MSC.255(84))

By adopting the relevant amendments to SOLAS Chapter XI-1, part 1 and 2 were made mandatory. The Code requires a marine safety investigation to be conducted into every very serious marine casualty, which is defined as a marine casualty involving the total loss of a ship, a death or a severe damage to the environment.

It is further recommended to investigate a casualty or incident if this would provide information to prevent future similar casualties or incidents.


All investigated casualty investigation reports are uploaded to the Global Integrated Shipping Information System (GISIS).


Marine Accident Investigators’ International Forum (MAIIF)


The Marine Accident Investigators’ International Forum (MAIIF) is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to the advancement of maritime safety and the prevention of marine pollution through the exchange of ideas, experiences and information acquired in marine accident investigation. Its purpose is to promote and improve marine accident investigation, and to foster cooperation and communication between marine accident investigators.

ADOMS IID attends the annual European Forum (EMAIIF) and the International (MAIIF) meeting.

MAIIF website: